Philip Lymbery | CEO CIWF
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A total rethink

“Every day there is a new confirmation of how destructive, inefficient, wasteful, cruel and unhealthy the industrial agricultural machine is. We need a total rethink of our food and farming systems before it’s too late.”

For 25 years Philip has worked extensively on animal welfare issues, wildlife and the environment. He is a recognised thought leader, his lectures taking him across the globe to meet and exchange ideas with like minded specialists, experts and individuals.


He regularly commentates in the media and on speaker platforms about the global effects of industrial farming and has been listed by The Grocer as one of the food industry’s most influential people.

A Global Biodiversity Crisis

‘Factory farming to provide ‘cheap’ meat is not only the biggest cause of animal cruelty on the planet, it is also a major driver of wildlife declines. It causes deforestation, soil erosion, marine pollution dead zones and drives species as diverse as jaguars, elephants and penguins to the brink of extinction.’


Philip’s latest book is Dead Zone – Where the Wild Things Were. Published by Bloomsbury in March 2017, the paperback is due out on 8th March 2018.


Dead Zone takes us on an eye-opening investigative journey across the globe, focussing on a dozen iconic species of wildlife and uncovering how industrial agriculture – factory farming – is having a major impact on their plight.


This is a passionate call for us all, laying bare the myths that prop up factory farming before exploring what we can do to save the planet with healthy food.


“Highly informed, utterly compelling… Lymbery’s narrative threads are subtle and replete with powerful evidence… He does a superb job of equipping us with the hard facts. No author can do more” –  Mark Cocker, New Statesman


Philip Lymbery will be speaking at the following events/venues in 2018:


  • 19th February – Dead Zone book and exhibition launch, Naples (PAN-Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, Via dei Mille 60 Napoli)
  • 17th March – Dead Zone paperback book launch. Oxford Literary Festival, Oxford
  • 27th March – Agriculture University, Prague (details coming soon)
  • 14th May – Fowey Festival of Arts and Literature, Fowey, Cornwall
  • 26th May –  River Cottage Food Fair, River Cottage HQ, Axminster
  • 29th May The Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, Wales
  • 30th June – Bournemouth Natural Science Society & Museum, 39 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth BH1 3NS, 2.30pm
  • 9th September – Ludlow Food Festival, Ludlow Castle, Ludlow
  • 15th September – Abergavenny Food Festival, Abergavenny
  • 22nd September –  Hay Festival, Segovia, Spain
  • 25th September – European Parliament, Brussels (details coming soon)


Please check back for more upcoming speaking events.