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Thank you so much for your interest in Philip Lymbery.


As you might imagine, Philip’s diary is a full one but we do attempt to answer all enquiries as quickly as we can.  Being a busy charity however, we hope you will be patient whilst we endeavour to respond to the many enquiries we receive each day.  Thank you in advance for your kind patience.


Philip’s latest book is Dead Zone – Where the Wild Things Were. Published by Bloomsbury in March 2017, the paperback is due out on 8th March 2018.


Dead Zone takes us on an eye-opening, investigative journey across the globe, focussing on a dozen iconic species of wildlife and uncovering how industrial agriculture – factory farming – is having a major impact on their plight.


This is a passionate call for us all, laying bare the myths that prop up factory farming before exploring what we can do to save the planet with healthy food.


“Highly informed, utterly compelling… Lymbery’s narrative threads are subtle and replete with powerful evidence… He does a superb job of equipping us with the hard facts. No author can do more” –  Mark Cocker, New Statesman


Philip Lymbery will be speaking at the following events/venues in 2019:


  • 11th February – Huers Group Monthly Meeting, Cornwall
  • 13th February – University of Winchester Town and Gown Lecture
  • 21st March – The Economist Sustainability Summit, London
  • 30th March – Oxford Literary Festival


Please check back for more upcoming speaking events.