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Population Matters Conference 2019
Philip’s presentation at the 2019 Population Matters’ conference on population and biodiversity.



Changing Food Systems for a Regenerative Future
Philip Lymbery at the FT Global Conference Nov 2018



The Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017 Closing Remarks

Philip Lymbery and Glyn Davies share the close of the conference.


Farmageddon – The True Cost of Cheap Meat.

Over a three-year period, Philip Lymbery travelled the world with a camera crew to explore the complex web of farming, fishing, industrial production, and international trade, which effects the food on our plate.


Planet Earth: How mankind is threatening life on earth
A special documentary explaining what is going wrong with our food systems and how our desire for cheap meat is driving species to extinction.




The Moral Maze of Milk – is your milk trashing the planet?
A short film to help explain what kind of milk, dairy or plant based, is better for animal welfare and the environment.


Philip Lymbery Ethos Video

Philip shares his ethos and talks about his life’s commitment to help the welfare of all animals.


Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017 Highlights.

The Extinction and Livestock Conference – the world’s first international event to explore the impact of livestock production on the future of life on Earth – took place on 5 and 6 October 2017 at the prestigious QEII Conference Centre in London


Philip Lymbery at the 2018 Oxford Farming Conference
2018 Oxford Farming Conference debate held at the Oxford Union. Topic: “This House believes that by 2100 meat eating will be a thing of the past”





The Moral Maze of Milk – Long Version
The film version of a talk by Philip Lymbery to help you navigate the most ethical choice of milks and plant drinks currently on the market


Keynote Speech at the Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017

‘Industrial Agriculture: the Great Disappearing Act’


Dead Zone – Where the Wild Things Were.

Farming wildlife to extinction — a two-year global investigation by Philip finds that as farm animals are being caged and confined, wildlife is being pushed to the edge of extinction


Dead Zone: Where the Wild Things Were, new paperback launch
A new, compelling film (to coincide with the new paperback) shows how the world’s most iconic wildlife is being pushed to extinction by the demand for cheap meat.






Latest #BigTable podcastPhilip talks to Chris Packham


Latest #PowWow blogCompassion’s Agenda for the new Prime Minister


Birdfair, Rutland – On 16th August this year at the famous Birdfair in Rutland, there will be a State of the Earth – Question Time chaired by Dominic Dyer

There will be an exciting panel of naturalists, conservationists, film makers and campaigners including Philip:-


  • Chris Packham – Broadcaster and naturalist
  • Tony Juniper – Chair Natural England
  • Isabella Tree – Nature writer and rewilding advocate
  • Philip Lymbery – CEO Compassion World Farming
  • Hannah Stitfall – Zoologist & wildlife film maker
  • Carrie Symonds – Ocean conservationist
  • Deborah Meaden  – Business woman & investor and panel member on BBC Dragons Den


Please do come along if you can and if you have a question you would like to put to the panel please email in advance of the event.  If your question is selected you can join the audience to ask your question directly.



Philip Lymbery will be speaking at the following events/venues in 2019:



Please check back for more upcoming speaking events.