Pow Wow Round Up | January 2021

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“The Pow Wow Roundup aims to inform, educate and debate the future of food, taking a 360-view of all aspects – humanity, animals (farmed and wild) and the planet.

A difficult, but important, subject, Philip himself warns that the content of the blog ‘won’t always be pretty, but it’ll give you the facts and make you think’. Pow Wow is a must read” – Vuelio June 2020

Philip’s Pow Wow blog has been rated a Top 10 Green Blog by Vuelio for three consecutive years: 2018, 2019 and 2020

In January’s Roundup we look at the world’s first sale of cultured meat, health, hope and the road ahead.

  • World’s first sale of cultured meat – Food lies at the heart of many a celebration, but one particular meal recently stood out as historic: the world’s first commercial sale of cultured meat. Just weeks after the nation’s regulatory authority gave cultured meat the go-ahead, Singapore’s 1880 club served the first cultured…
  • Heath, hope and the road ahead – There is something refreshing about a new year. Many of us start with new resolutions or new ideas. It’s a time when people plan fresh starts. We look to make changes in our lives, to be inspired…
  • One health, one welfare, one planet – As I sit down to write this end of year message, I reflect on the most challenging and tragic of years. Yet I also reflect on the essence of what makes us human and connects us all around the world – our ability to have faith, our ability to hope and our ability to love…


Social Media – Nature Photography took top spot and thousands of ‘likes’ last month




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These are 2 magical photos.
Taken by a photographer who left his camera and let #MotherNature do the rest.
#uplifting #NaturePhotography

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Guest Podcast – FFA Food Systems Podcast :

FFA Food Systems PodcastIn this episode we talk to Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming and author, about sustainable and humane meat consumption, lab-grown meat and its possible effects on society, as well as his policy ideas for a more sustainable agricultural system.

Listen here

Looking Forward – Watch out for :-

3rd Feb: A ‘must watch’ Webinar from the United Nations Environment Programme, Chattam House and Compassion in World Farming – register here now



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