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Our world is at a critical crossroads. And the choices are ours to make – only 60 more harvests? Or a future-proof food system and planet? 


The global food system – largely based on factory farming and our insatiable demand for meat – is killing our world. But transforming this devastating system is possible. And Sixty Harvests Left: How to Reach a Nature-Friendly Future points the way. 


This new book, from award-winning author Philip Lymbery, is the first to reveal that factory farming is as big a threat to humanity as climate change. Using detailed research, compelling stories and insightful analysis, Philip paints a vivid picture of the climate, nature and health emergencies humankind faces.  The solutions he presents have the regenerative, nature-positive farming focus on soil and the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. 


Sixty Harvests Left is already being celebrated as a must-read life-changing and world-saving publication. 


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• 60 Harvests Left—In 2014, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN predicted there were only 60 harvests left due to loss of topsoil.
• 37% of greenhouse gas emissions globally are caused by our food and the way we produce it.
• Since 1990, 25% of bee species have disappeared from records.
• According to the United Nations ‘95% of our food is directly or indirectly produced on our soils’
• Three-quarters of all human diseases originated from animals.
• The world has seen an average 68% drop in mammals, birds, fish, reptile and amphibian populations.
• Bees are essential for the pollination of 75% of all our food crops worldwide.
• The demise of antibiotics could lead to 10 million deaths globally annually.
• 36% of all the edible crop harvest, enough calories to sustain 4 billion people, is used for animal feed’.
• UN estimates suggest that the amount of meat wasted every year is equivalent to 15 billion animals being reared, slaughtered and binned.


• British agriculture is responsible for 10% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.
• More than 40% of species in Britain have declined since 1970, while one in every seven of its wildlife species faces extinction.
• In the UK, where 55% of cropland is used to grow animal feed, a third of that land could provide 62 million adults a year with their five daily
recommended portions of fruit and vegetables.
• From just a few of sites about 50 years ago, more than 200 fish farms now operate in Scotland, producing more than 200,000 tonnes of salmon worth over a billion pounds a year.
• New research reveals US-style mega-farm numbers have risen to nearly 1,100, including 745 poultry mega-farms in England and 59 in Wales, bringing into question the country’s claim to be a nation of animal lovers.
• This UK mega-farm total is almost certainly an underestimate as official data for pig and poultry units in Scotland were unavailable due to cyberattack.


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