Opinion Editorials

I’ll never forget my summer road trip through the land of gastronomy. I spent several days touring Italy’s most fertile agricultural valley.

Shopping these days can feel like a bit of a lottery. Wandering into the local supermarket can have me wondering which of my favourite foods is going to be out of stock today.

Why the UN Food Systems Summit is Already a Success. Transformation – denoting a complete change to make things better – is the ambition of the UN Food Systems Summit scheduled for New York in September.

OXFORD UNION DEBATE 2018 - “This house believes that by 2100, meat-eating will be a thing of the past.”

As the world waged war with the Coronavirus, our invisible enemy, billions of lives were turned upside down. It forced us to hunker down. To refocus our priorities. To fear for our family and friends.

Seventy leading animal welfare groups from across Europe have condemned the killing of pigs using carbon dioxide, a method that has left outraged consumers with no way of choosing pork, bacon or ham produced more humanely.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about hope. For me, hope comes from a belief that things can and will change for the better. So, for there to be real hope, there must be action.

Intensive Farming is Cruelly Short-sighted - The new IPCC (UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report on climate change and land makes a compelling case for a far-reaching rethink of food and farming.

A stark reminder what our planetary crisis means for our future on planet Earth. Imagine opening your morning newspaper to read the headline, “Government agrees to building a hundred new cities the size of London”. 

Is your milk trashing the planet? I was recently faced with a dilemma; I found myself lost in the moral maze of milk. I’d come face-to-face with the reality of both the dairy industry and how crops like soya are produced. There is no question in my mind that plant-based milks

How did killing method condemned for cruelty become standard? As news emerged over the summer of how Britain’s ‘big four’ supermarkets are sourcing meat from pigs killed using carbon dioxide, outraged consumers have been left with no way of choosing pork, bacon or ham produced more humanely.  In reply to letters to their