Big Table Round Up | March 2021

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Following Philip’s appointment this past month as a United Nations Food Systems Champion for the world’s first Food Systems Summit,  we talk fish and travel the globe from the USA to the UK and from the Artic to Asia, to understand how our world is being impacted by humanity and how it has never been more urgent to call for systemic change.


Factory farming with all its cruelty is still dominant. And tragically, one area where our treatment of animals has changed very little, is with fish – Fish are complex, emotional and intelligent beings and yet we treat them so cruelly. If only they had fur




The sheer #heartbreak of the cattle and calves on the #KarimAllah #LiveExport ship that spent 3 horrific months at sea

There is no place for fur in the UK or anywhere else in the world

Thinking of the inhumanity of the treatment of dairy cows on Mother’s Day


The Scottish salmon farming industry is rife with fish welfare issues and serious environmental problems. At current production levels sea lice infestation and disease are out of control, causing fish suffering on an alarming scale and threatening wild fish populations. Compassion in World Farming has launched an open letter to the Scottish government, urgently calling for a moratorium on the expansion of the industry, with a view to phasing out intensive salmon farming.

Now We’re Here…How Do We Get Out?

Listen to Peter Egan and his guest Philip, talk about why fish matter

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