What can we as citizens do to be more environmentally mindful when we purchase and consume food?

Philip Lymbery on how saving the soil can save the planet

Ep 9. Alex Crisp talks to Philip Lymbery, U.N. food systems champion, Author, and CEO of Compassion in World Farming. They discuss the role of cultivated meat in ending animal cruelty and factory farming, and how to overcome opposition,

Factory Farming is the most significant source of animal cruelty on the planet, the biggest driver of extinction and species loss. On this week’s Connecting the Dots - meet Mr Philip Lymbery, Global CEO of Compassion in World

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5x15 brings together five outstanding individuals to tell of their lives, passions and inspirations. There are only two rules - no scripts and only 15 minutes each. 5x15 · Philip Lymbery On Sixty Harvests Left

Philip Lymbery is the global CEO of Compassion in World Farming. He has dedicated his life to improving the lives of billions of animals and birds. Here he explains why he cares about animal welfare, how he goes about achieving large scale change, and why it's so important that we

Sixty Harvests Left is Liz Jones' Book of the Week on her podcast