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Philip’s Blog informs, educates and debates what’s going on with the future of our food and the impact on us all: on mankind, on animals and on the planet. It’s a one-stop, interrogative and informative Blog that will get your thinking, get you talking and keep you ahead of the curve. It won’t be pretty, it may worry but it’ll give you the facts. POW WOW is for all those who want to hear about, the here, the now and the future.
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Not on my Watch invites key business leaders, food founders, entreprenuers and the greater good, to debate the future of our food for mankind, for animals and for the planet. What’s the plan? Do we have one? It’s not just alarmed activists who need to listen but those who care about our planet and life on earth for our children’s children. Listen up whilst Philip interrogates, debates, discusses and cajoles and busts some of the myths in a wake-up call for the world