Compassionate World Blog – Round Up for Nov/Dec

Compassionate World Blog – Round Up for Nov/Dec

For all the animal, farming, food and environment news from November and December, please use this great update

From news about the live animal export ban, to the importance of kindness, and from the COP28 landmark declaration to One Health, plus a whole lot more…

Opinion Articles

At least 158 countries, including the UK, EU, and US, agreed that tackling climate change means that food consumption and production ‘must urgently adapt and transform’

I was taking the night train to Nanyang in China's Henan province and spent the last hour before I reached my destination looking at mile upon mile of maize, or corn as it’s often known.

Up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions globally are caused by food and the way it is produced

Refrigerated lorries mean there is no need to send animals on 60-hour journeys to be slaughtered

It might sound like a space-saving idea, but more than half of the UK’s cropland is devoted to feeding farm animals kept in cages


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