Compassionate World Round Up – July 2023

July Compassionate World Roundup Blog

For all the animal, farming, food and environment news from June and July, please use this great update

From the farming of insects to animal welfare in world religion, and from lab grown chicken to chalk streams, plus a whole lot more…

Opinion Articles

Like the Scottish uplands, England’s chalk streams have become an iconic destination for many countryside lovers

Raising animals intensively for food is the biggest source of animal cruelty on the planet. It also happens to be a major emitter of greenhouse gases, responsible for up to 37 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Pesticides and the ripping up of hedgerows and flower meadows has turned much of our countryside into a wildlife desert in recent decades

Meat grown from stem cells promises to emit fewer greenhouse gases than traditional agriculture

Getting up early is full of rewards as the natural world activates and clear thoughts are unlocked

The Conservatives had promised in their manifesto to stop the barbaric practice of sending young calves and other animals on horrific, over-long journeys abroad


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