In the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic, the biggest global crisis in a lifetime, it has been wonderful to see our celebration of humanity, together with a refocus on things that are important: the wellbeing of one and all.

However, the truth is, we’ve been locked in an almighty battle for some time now. A battle for the planet. A battle for our future health and wellbeing. A battle for a decent future for our children.

In the fight for a fairer and more compassionate world for animals and in the war against invisible pandemic enemies, never has there been a more potent example of why protecting people means protecting all animals too.

Midst the horror and tragedy of this Covid-19 crisis, we have some unique opportunities. 

A real chance for the world to re-evaluate our lifestyles, our attitudes to food production and broken food systems, and the devastating impact of factory farming on all life..


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