February Compassionate World Roundup Blog


For all the animal, farming, food and environment news from January and February, please use this great update

From news about nitrogen pollution to the live animal export ban, to bringing back beavers and the growth of mega-farms , plus a whole lot more…

Opinion Articles

Nitrogen pollution is a large contributor to the triple planetary crisis of climate, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Beavers and landowners can sometimes come into conflict but these situations can be managed

Emergency approval for a bee-harming pesticide by the UK Government has once again sent shock waves through the countryside

Thirty years after protests against live animal exports, the UK is on the cusp of making a historic change


Social Media Top Three Tweets

The Top tweet was

with 534,313 impressions and 2,600 engagements.

Next it was

regarding the live export crisis in South Africa with 43,110 impressions and 1,100 engagements. 

And thirdly,

with 39,000 impressions and 850 engagements. 

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