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Street artists around the world are paying tribute and showing solidarity with Ukraine. Here’s a wonderful example from Cardiff, Wales. Pictures speak a thousand words | Credit: MyDogSighs

These are deeply chilling times. As we watch the nightmare darken in Ukraine, with increasing scenes of destruction and devastation, our hearts go out to everyone affected.

Like me, at times you may be feeling helpless, perhaps even without hope. 

As a campaigning charity, we are closely affiliated with Eurogroup for Animals, a federation of more than 80 kindred animal welfare societies. Together, we are doing everything  we can to create some much needed hope by helping to establish a living overview of animal organisations active or with interests in Ukraine. The idea is that those in a position to provide assistance can be better connected with those who need it. More is known about the situation for companion animals but of course we are trying to find what we can about the plight of farmed animals. 

As an international animal charity, our work is being directly affected by the war. We are doing all we can to support our team members in Ukraine and in surrounding countries; dedicated advocates for animals who are finding their world torn apart in this most cruel and surreal situation. 

These are dark days for the world, for humanity and for animals. It is some comfort to see the world increasingly standing together to condemn this most deeply appalling aggression toward Ukraine and its people. 

Whilst the enormity of this senseless war can leave us feeling powerless, it redoubles the need for us to show kinship and togetherness with those affected; to counter this darkness of conflict with the light of hope. 

Hope for a swift ceasefire and an end to the guns and shells that are tearing lives and communities apart. 

Hope for a better future through continuing to spread the message that peace, understanding and compassion are more than just the cornerstones of a decent society. 

Hope that there will be a universal realization that living together in harmony with each other and with nature is the only way to a sustainable future.    

We stand together with Ukraine. In Solidarity. In hope for a just, peaceful, and compassionate world for people and animals everywhere.