June Compassionate World Roundup Blog


From news on Octopus farming, Ban Live Export Awareness Day, Danish fishermen and Puffins, to why cheap supermarket meat is killing the rainforest, plus a whole lot more…

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Opinion Articles

Sitting on a child’s bed are rows of brightly coloured animals. A blue lizard. A golden lion alongside a purple monkey.

In Betty’s Bay, South Africa, one of the world’s wildlife celebrities, an African penguin, was busy shaking herself free from the sea. 

For Philip Lymbery, the author of ‘Farmageddon’, ‘The Dead Zone’ and ‘Sixty Harvests Left’, we have two choices: change how we feed ourselves or prepare for extinction.

A ban on commercial fishing for sandeels – on which puffins depend – is being challenged by the European Union

The mind of an octopus can be compared to a three-year-old child’s. Are we really going to trap them in barren tanks of water while they await slaughter for food?

Smallholders like the late Osvalinda Pereira face a campaign of deadly threats and harassment from big companies that produce feed for animals in Europe and China


Social Media Top Three Tweets

The Top tweet was ‘Calf rammed repeatedly by police’

with 12,800 impressions, 2,100 engagements and 1,200 likes 

Next it was ‘Please support Ban Live Exports Awareness Day’

with 12,600 impressions, 1,800 engagements and 1,000 likes. 

And thirdly, ‘End this horror – sea in Faroe Islands turns red as 138 pilot whales slaughtered’

with 12,500 impressions, 1,500 engagements and 730 likes.