May Big Table Round Up Blog

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This Roundup blog includes all the news and animal welfare activity from April and May.

From penguins to Dame Joanna Lumley, from the Ukraine war to the resulting food crisis, and from the loss of our iconic birds to cultivated meat and the importance of good food for all.

Please do catch up on the articles, blogs and extensive social media support for all these stories, plus so much more.


Opinion Articles

23rd May: Scotsman Op-ed – ‘Apocalyptic’ global food crisis is being exacerbated by factory farming of grain-fed animals

9th May: Scotsman Op-ed – Farming intensification has hit barn owls hard, but it doesn’t have to be this way

25th April: Scotsman Op-ed – Worried about the rainforest? Woodlands much closer to home are being trashed

11th April: Scotsman Op-ed – Why isn’t decent food a basic right for everyone?

1st April: The Daily Mail – ‘I’m a Dame by name but I’m still the same!’



27th May: War, Want and Waste

13th May: Silent Skies

3rd May: Eating Better

29th April: What Devastation of Local Trees Taught Me

27th April: Blog based on Europe’s first Cultured Meat Symposium

25th April: World Penguin Day

20th April: Peter Stevenson’s guest

15th April: Health food blog

5th April: The Peter Roberts Lecture

1st April: Pet Food


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Speaker Event

On Thursday 23rd June at 4.30pm Philip will be speaking at Groundswell, the hugely successful The Regenerative Agriculture Show and Conference at Lannock Manor Farm, Hertfordshire.

The Groundswell event provides a forum for farmers and anyone interested in food production or the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of Conservation Agriculture or regenerative systems.

Philip’s seminar is titled ‘How To Avoid Farmageddon & Reach A Nature-Friendly Future’ and he will be introduced and interviewed by journalist, author, presenter and photographer, Matt Stadlen.

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