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Media Links

India's inclusion in the G20, a conglomerate of the world's most powerful

Nearly 800 million people are going hungry even though there is more

Highly pathogenic Bird flu continues to rage through poultry farms and wild

Arriva un'edizione speciale di Internazionale a Ferrara per festeggiare i 30 anni

We speak to Philip Lymbery about why back-to-basics regenerative farming would help

Adopting an alternative food lifestyle is the only way to get out

Like the Scottish uplands, England’s chalk streams have become an iconic destination

Raising animals intensively for food is the biggest source of animal cruelty

Atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen has dubbed this modern period the "Anthropocene." One of the most

Pesticides and the ripping up of hedgerows and flower meadows has turned

L’attivista Philip Lymbery vuole frenare l’agricoltura intensiva, altrimenti tutti i nostri sforzi

On 11th and 12th May 2023 Compassion in World Farming (@ciwf) hosted

Getting up early is full of rewards as the natural world activates

Developed nations need to cut consumption of meat, milk and egg to

Taking its title from a chilling warning made by the United Nations

Critics say government U-turn means tens of thousands of dogs, cats, kittens,

For many, eating animal products involves some cognitive dissonance. Americans tend to

The Canary Islands will soon host the world’s first industrial octopus farm.

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