November Big Table Round Up Blog

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For all the animal, farming, food and environment news from October and November, please use this great update

From the devastation of avian flu to COP27, and from the industrial farming of octopus to sustainable farming and food waste, plus a whole lot more…


Opinion Articles

Octopus farming? This extraordinary and intelligent animal should stay in the ocean

By any measure, octopuses are remarkable: they have eight legs, three hearts and blue-green blood….
22 November, 2022

The King’s clear thinking on climate change will be missed at COP27

It seems a fitting descriptor for a period that has seen a global pandemic followed by a brutal new war in Europe, a cost-of-living crisis and political turmoil with three UK prime ministers in three months….
07 November, 2022

Pumpkins rotting in fields like zombies are a reminder of the terrifying cost of food waste

Children dart excitedly through a field strewn with bright orange pumpkins. Parents, gamely face-painted as ghouls, sip coffee as they await the return of their offspring….
24 October, 2022

The business of staying in business

I’m often asked what the role of business should be in creating a sustainable future? I see business as a critical change maker, whether it be on climate, nature, health, or animal welfare….
17 October, 2022

Avian flu ravaging Scotland’s wild birds began in poultry farms

Covered head to toe in hazmat suits, gloves and facemasks, sombre figures comb clifftops and tidelines searching for corpses….
10 October, 2022






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Speaker Events for 2023, now confirmed

  • 16th Jan: 5 x 15 date ‘Earth’ on 16th Jan with Isabella Tree and Rosie Boycott
  • 9th Feb: Toppings, Edinburgh
  • 15th Feb: Toppings in Bath on 15th February
  • 21st Feb: Romney Street Group at the Athenaeum Club, Pall Mall
  • 23rd Feb: Probus speaking date in Petersfield
  • 22nd March: NYC Bar Association Animal Law Committee Books at the Bar programme
  • 25th March: Peter Roberts lecture at the Sheldonian, Oxford
  • 26th April: Cambridge Alt Protein Project


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